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Survey Platform

AskMe is an advanced platform through which more than 150 surveys have been conducted so far in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia.

AskMe is a survey platform that enables our clients to reach a large number of respondents for CAWI research.

Our applications have around 100,000 users every single day – in Serbia and the region. With such a large and lively database of users with different demographic and social characteristics we can respond to all our clients’ requests.

Our users are motivated to complete the survey because they are rewarded with virtual goods in our applications.

Why AskMe?

Easy Integration

It is very easy to integrate with software used by research agencies.


AskMe protects its users’ privacy. It does not share any information with third parties.


Users have a chance to win virtual currency in the app by completing our customer survey.

Responsive Layout

Our surveys work on mobile devices, tablets and desktop computers.

Collect data effectively!

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