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ePublishing & eLearning suite


Bookly is a powerful set of solutions and services for enabling ePublishing and eLearning process.

We enable Educational Publishers and Ministers of Education to build modern and interactive books by technology driven strategies.

We support the whole process of ePublishing and eLearning:

  • Comprehensive content production (BooklyAuthor),
  • Content publish in no-time and easy accessibility by all the parties (BooklyDashboard),
  • In school eLearning processes involving teachers, students and parents (BooklyClassroom),
  • Entirely automated process of student’s examination (BooklyTest).

Why Bookly?

Bookly contains rich set of components that could be easily combined. The resulting content is highly interactive and limited only by author imagination…

Rapid content development

Large set of predefined templates  and integrated content makes the content development process extremely fast.

WYSIWYG designer

What You See Is What You Get approach makes the visual editing quick and accurate.

Adaptive learning paths

“Intelligent“ components enables adaptive learning paths and content adaptation to individual student.

Mobile ready

Responsive web development enables immediate support for tablets  & mobile phones.

Navigation components

Highly customizable navigation flow using components like menus, submenus, back, home, etc.

Multimedia components

Including standard components to play video or audio files bus also specific player to play animations,


Highly sophisticated components to support different test types (TestSets, TestQuestion) but also verity of test types (Input, Choice, Puzzle, Graphs).


Individual content exploration is a key to adaptive learning. We implement Tooltips, SmartBoxes, …

But… That’s not all!

There are also many more specific components
that significantly enhance the final output.

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